Republican Delegate Primary Debate Hosted by Appomattox Militia

Appomattox County Militia | May 07, 2023 | Public Events

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On Thursday, May 11th at 6 pm at the Appomattox Community Center, the public is welcome to attend the Republican Primary Debate for State Delegate candidates Kevin Bailey of Appomattox, Tom Garrett of Louisa, and Jennie Wood of Goochland, as they answer questions and give reasons as to why the voters of Appomattox County should support them in the Primary Vote on May 20th at the Mass Meeting. 

The winner of this primary will take on the Democratic challenger, and the winner of that election will represent Appomattox in Richmond. This debate is being sponsored by the Appomattox County Militia. The Militia is neutral in politics, which works well with any debate for any political party. This neutrality keeps bias from causing an intentional or unintentional preference of one candidate over another. 

The Militia intends on holding this debate so the voters can educate themselves as to the issues and the proposed solutions brought forth by each candidate to solve such issues. The debate will be moderated by Tom Adams, Chairman of the Appomattox County Militia. Come out and become an educated voter and meet the candidates. 

"Deliberation and debate is the way you stir the soul of our democracy" Jesse Jackson.

Republican Primary Debate
Thursday 11 May 2023 at 6PM
Appomattox Community Center
220 Community Lane, Appomattox, VA 24522

We look forward to seeing you there!


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