Appomattox Public Library Targets Children with LGBTQ Agenda

Appomattox County Militia | June 08, 2023 | News and Announcements

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For the most part, Appomattox is a quiet community, sheltered from the happenings that are going on around the rest of the country. Many things get overlooked or tolerated because as part of the “silent majority”, we tend to let people live their lives, say, or do things as they like, as long as it doesn’t affect us individually. Well guess what? The time is now to WAKE UP APPOMATTOX before it is too late! You may not realize that some of our nation’s woes, that are featured on the nightly news, have infiltrated Appomattox. This transgression happened in none other than our own public library!

To be clear, the Militia is an organization that is not a racist, homophobic, or any other negative descriptive name that folks like to throw around at those who don’t agree with what they are saying or doing. We have members from all walks of life, color, religion, sexual and political preferences; in other words, we are all inclusive. The main missions of the Appomattox County Militia include defense of the US & VA Constitutions, as well as the Bill of Rights, and to enhance the well-being of the citizens of the county. As defenders of the Constitution and the rights assigned to each and every one of us, we will protect the free speech rights of those who may or may not be well received by others, because that is their right to do so, BUT, when the rights of those individuals or groups try trump the rights of others, especially those of parents trying to raise their children as they see fit, then we must act.

A certain library display was brought to our attention, and we were requested to act on behalf of the community to pursue it. This was not brought out as anti-LGBTQ+ or any anti-other groups as the members of those groups have the right to participate in whatever lifestyle they choose. Most of us have friends and/or relatives who are LGBTQ+. This complaint is based on the parents’ rights and their children's rights to live without this undue coercion, and their rights not being infringed.

The Jamerson Public Library set up an open display of books in the Children’s section that are considered inappropriate for young children to be exposed to. These books have such titles as "LGBTQ+"; "Kid Activists"; "In Our Mothers' House"; “Rainbow Revolutionaries”, “The Boy with Pink Hair”, and "If You're a Drag Queen and You Know It"; just to name a few. We hope that this display was not meant to purposely influence children into alternative lifestyles right under the community's noses, but rather a misstep by the library. The description from the one book, “If You’re a Drag Queen and You Know it”, states the following: “Strike a pose. Blow a kiss. Mouth the words. A fun, singalong book with a drag twist that encourages kids to embrace all the playfulness of drag culture written by a founding member of Drag Queen Story Hour.”

It goes on to describe: If you’re a drag queen and you know it, let it show be winking, shaking your bum, laughing real big, twirling around, and more! Join a cast of fabulous drag queens as you sing along to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It” in this playful celebration of expressing your brightest and boldest self. A perfect companion to “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish” written by a board member of Drag Queen Story Hour.” This book tries to appeal to all children, especially in the 5–8-year-old range, targeting their “likes” and fun activities, making it seem that this is all “normal” behavior.

What this really is, is called “grooming”. Just like the pedophile who takes an interest in a child, exposing them to fun activities, being their friend, getting them to open up and trust them, this book is trying to lure children into thinking that being a drag queen is fun and exciting while trying to undermine the rights of parents to control the content our children are exposed to. The authors of these books want to groom and desensitize our children to the homosexual agenda through forced subjugation, all the while setting them up to enter the world of LGBTQ+. Would you be okay knowing a pedophile was lurking in the library?

We, as a Militia, do not, and simply could not, object to the free speech rights of the LGBTQ community, BUT, we cannot stand by idly as this forced influence is brought upon our children of these alternative lifestyles. It is filling their heads with all kinds of immoral information during their formative years, which is confusing them to say the least. At this age, children will follow whatever is put before them and experiment with things to see how the world works and reacts within certain boundaries of their lives. Unfortunately, they are finding out that such experimentation is being promoted by adults who attempt to "normalize" certain behaviors and make them seem as if "everybody does it", which is far from the truth.

These children soon find that their actions have a negative effect on their lives, even just by experimenting. This complaint is not promoting banning or burning books on these subjects. These alternative lifestyles and the books that promote them, are certainly allowed under our Constitutions, but what about the rights of parents? Parents have the right to raise their children as they see fit, without this immoral and life-changing influence being promoted by others. We believe that the rights of free speech do not trump the rights of parents to raise their children in safe communities, free from being subjected to perverted, obscene content that young children should never be exposed to at such a young age. This is quite simply a matter of moral turpitude.

We shouldn't allow these influences by groups, at schools, and certainly not the library, to undermine the good morals and decent behavior parents are trying to instill in their children. If children feel that they may be leaning towards that kind of lifestyle when they get older, then of course services and information should be made available to help them decide which way to go, not to put those ideas into their heads when they are not even questioning anything. If this can happen at our library, where else may it be occurring? Check with your children, listen to what they have to say regarding this.

With debates raging on a national level over “Pride Month” in such places as Target, Walmart, and others, who seek to profit by engaging in the promotion and sales of LGBTQ+ items, including the depiction of obscene materials, they lose sight of the rights of non-LGBTQ+ individuals being trampled on with these visual and written materials. Non-LGBTQ+ folks feel that these alternative lifestyles are being crammed down their throats to force “normalcy” and “inclusiveness” in our society. This has already been included in every TV show and movie for the past few years.

What people do in the privacy of their own homes between consenting adults should not be a concern to anyone else as long as there isn’t any illegal activity that would get law enforcement involved. We can see in states like California, where they are attempting to "normalize" everything that goes against the core values of family, making the children vulnerable to the criminal elements that pedophilia and human trafficking, among others, who are benefitting from such "normalization" tactics. It all starts with a display of books and grows from there. Our taxes pay for this public library to function, so it should function by the will of the people.

I understand that since filing our complaint with the library, the books in question have been taken off the display area and replaced with others on the same topics, but, those original books are still available on the shelves in the Children’s area.

Find your voice Appomattox! Let your feelings known! Contact Interim Library Director Katharine Bloodworth and the remaining members of the Library Board ( From the Courthouse District- Evelyn Ford (, and from the Piney Mountain District- JoeTricia Humbles ( Let them know that you are not happy with the promotion of these types of books which goes against your family’s core values and endangers your rights of ensuring that your child’s upbringing, goals, and morals are not compromised against your will.

Changing our Nation starts within our own communities! You have a RIGHT to speak up, USE IT!

Tom Adams
Chairman, Appomattox County Militia
Gab: @APXMilitia